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At the Edge of the Ancient Inland Sea

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Image At the Edge of the Ancient Inland Sea

Fredrick Zydek's "ancient inland sea" is both a prehistoric feature of the Great Plains and the collective unconscious itself.  Like Cather, Zydek presents the violently beautiful natural phenomena of Nebraska s possessing the power and inscrutable will of pagan gods.  He is equally at home describing the domestic pleasures of farm life or the headier experiences of Nebraska in its fiercest moods, moving easily from the cabin of a combine to the thigh bones of woolly mammoths to the green terror of summer storms. Zydek has become a bolder, more audacious poet in his seventies than ever.  this is his most varied and compelling book.

-Lance wilcox, editor, River Oak Review

Take a sensitive man or woman standing long and alone before the immensity of existence and the particulars of nature, and the eventual lightning-strike of insight is a given.  but it takes a poet like Fredrick Zydek to make that insight worth remembering.  these lyrics celebrate both the austerity and abundance of life on the Great Plains, but they are also meditations guiding us closer to our true place in the universe.  a book that journeys from strength to strength, this is Zydek at his finest.

-Jason Ranek, The Crossing

Zydek, an ornate, even elegiac, style which counterpoints his subject . . . formal language and rhythm sustain its aloof seriousness and acceptance . . . eloquent . . .

-James finn Cotter in the Hudson Review

Fredrick Zydek . . . has a delicacy with words. He has lived and worked to master them, has uncovered their unavailable intricacies . . . he pleases by distinctive phrasing and by control of the language.

-Richard Eberhart in Annex 22

Fredrick Zydek . . . innovative and sometimes startling, revealing fundamental struggles to master the invisible and match the incredible in rich landscapes.

-Laura M. Grover, from the introduction to Storm Warning

Fredrick Zydek is the author of ten collections of poetry, two novels, the celebrated biography of Charles Taze Russell and a number of articles, reviews and essays that have appeared in a wide variety of religious, commercial, and academic journals. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest he taught at the University of Nebraska and later at the College of Saint Mary until his retirement. He lives in Nebraska where he divides his time between his home in Omaha and a small farm in Brunswick, Nebraska. He continues to write full time.



Publication Date: 

March 1, 2012

Published by: 

The Backwaters Press


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