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Learning the Ways of Coyote

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Front cover image of "Learning the Ways of Coyote"Learning the Ways of Coyote is a fictionalized story of the last Quinault woman to live in the old ways and what it took to move her from her traditional home along Lake Quinault to government housing in the upper village. It is a story of tenacity that is rich with Northwest Indian lore and tradition, a story that endears us to Grandmother Redwing and her grandsons who are being mainstreamed into American culture. It is a novel of pathos and humor, a story of cultural conflicts and spiritual maturity.

On "Learning the Ways of Coyote"

Fredrick Zydek is the author of eight collections of poems, a biography of Charles Taze Russell and a number of articles, reviews and essay that have appeared in a wide variety of religious, commercial and educational journals. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest he taught at the University of Nebraska and later at the College of Saint Mary until his retirement. He lives in Nebraska where he divides his time between his home in Omaha and a small farm in Brunswick, Nebraska. He continues to write full time.


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Jun 06 2010

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Rag and Bone Books (a divsion of Winthrop Press)


1452803552 / 9781452803555


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