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Ending the Fast

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Front cover image of "Ending the Fast"

ENDING THE FAST was printed in July and August of 1984  on a Washington hand press by Neil Shaver of the Yellow Barn Press in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  The book was set in Monotype Perpetua by the Out of Sorts Letter Foundery of Mamaroneck, New York.  The Black Oak Bindery of Iowa City did the binding.  Paul Otero created pen and ink drawings for the front cover and title page and they were printed from  line engravings at the press.  One Hundred copies were printed for this edition.

 New, the book sold for $35.00 a copy.   I have seen in come up for sale at and for $375 and $425.  It is considered a collector’s item by fine art book enthusiasts as well as collector’s of Zydek’s book.

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